Hera Construction provides service in each country where Hera Construction Machinery operates which is the flagship of HERA GROUP in numerous points of the world for various projects such as hospital, school, factory, infrastructure works, airport, construction, and residential areas. One of its primary targets is to construct economically, socially, culturally, ecologically, and technologically livable places in the construction sector. Hera Construction believes that places shape people just like people shape the places. Therefore, it launches quality and trust oriented projects through customized places by analyzing the accommodation and usage needs of today’s world. Hera Construction operates with the understanding of “our reputation is our undertaking” to provide satisfaction of the lands and societies for which it serves by remembering that everyone is a part of the society. Priority of customer satisfaction included in our company culture both focuses on respect to nature and ecological sensitivities. In order to inherit a livable world for the next generations, Hera Construction considers respect towards the environment as the responsibility undertaken for all people in the world and realizes its operations in this sense. Hera Construction both commits itself to the permanent values and it is open to the transformation requirement caused by the technological developments. It provides an integrity consisting of respect and satisfaction for those varying from its personnel to customers through its structure by which it can enable its personnel to improve themselves and encourage them in this term.