Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

OHS Policy The people are the most valuable asset all activities will be regarded as, our main mission is creating a safer and healthier working environment and the primary business objective is to minimize the losses that may occur in all kinds of embraces.

Hera Grup, improving employee health level is seen as a requirement of business efficiency. Applying the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, the system is reviewed periodically and performance monitoring, continuous improvement is achieved.

To this end;
  • Employees, our partners,and visitors during activities of our company are subject to use appropriate technologies to minimize the hazards, we will take preventive and protective measures.
  • Labor Law Regulations in force in the activities carried out in our company and we will ensure compliance with local requirements
  • From outside the office of the company’s activities and the risks associated with occupational health and safety hazards, and determines the risks to acceptable levels under control, keep pulling.
  • We will organize required education and training facilities for understanding and apply the safety awareness by all employees and partners.